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Cheap Tours to Stonehenge

The cheapest and quickest day trip to tour Stonehenge from London costs a remarkable £44 per adult. This is cheaper than catching the train (unless you have a Brit Rail Pass) and the expensive bus from Salisbury railway station. Cheaper for children & concessions. The afternoon tour is cheaper than the morning.
This 1/2 day trip runs twice dailyin summer, and 4 times a week in winter. Departure is from a limited number of locations so no long tedious collection routes.

What you get

A bare bones tour to Stonehenge with no frills, but it's cheap. You get a coach direct to Stonehenge. You have up to two hours to tour the stones using the hand held audio tour, and then straight back to London. Search by date on the following pages;

Morning Stonehenge tours:         Afternoon Stonehenge tours:

Sunrise at Stonehenge.Blazing sunset at Stonehenge

Top Tip
On return journey get off at first possible Underground station and catch the tube to avoid sitting on the coach too long.


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